Learning to crochet should not feel overwhelming or stressful. I’m here to teach you in a way that is low-stress and fun. A little time and patience go a long way.

Follow my process for a straightforward and effective approach to learning crochet. Stay committed and keep practicing. It will likely feel awkward at first. Stick with it and you’ll experience the moment where everything *clicks*.

Lesson 1 – COMING SOON


Set the stage by learning about crochet tools and materials

Lesson 2

How to make a slip knot

Begin the process with this method, the easiest for the majority of my students

Lesson 3

How to hold the yarn

Hold your yarn this way for ideal tension

Lesson 4

How to chain

Create beautiful chains in under ten minutes

Lesson 5

How to single crochet

Learn the single crochet by working into your chains

Lesson 6

How to half double crochet and double crochet

Build on everything you’ve learned and create the half double and double crochet

Lesson 7 – COMING SOON

How to read a pattern

Understand how to read a pattern and decipher crochet code

Lesson 8 – COMING SOON

Twisted Chunky Headband

Make this beginner-friendly, highly-textured headband earwarmer and learn the even moss stitch.