When the Star [Stitches] Align: Exciting News!

By Nicki Byrnes

September 26, 2022

The crochet star stitch (found on the internet)

A chunky beanie I designed years ago is a crowd pleaser. It’s warm, cozy, cute, and goes with everything. So when my local football team, the Cincinnati Bengals, went to the Super Bowl last year and apparel was hard to find, I decided to adapt my favorite hat accordingly. I added pumpkin orange stripes to give it a vintage look, like it could have been worn in the 70s under Friday night lights. I added black to the oversized pom pom to drive home the “Bengals” notion and was quite pleased with the result. I sold a couple on Etsy and received compliments when I wore it. 

My Bengals-inspired hat

After the success of that hat, I had an idea to alter it and create a coordinating piece. I was happy with how it turned out, so on a whim, I reached out to a crochet magazine to see if they were looking for patterns. They were great with communication and let me know right away about the upcoming patterns they are looking for. Serendipitously, my project fit one of their issue descriptions perfectly and the deadline was just two weeks away. I completed their submission form and crossed my fingers. I heard back from someone at the publication who saw my address and asked if I am a Buckeye like she is – why, yes, I am! She was in the band (TBDBITL), which I was not, but fully appreciate. 

A couple of weeks later, I heard back that my pattern was accepted! I can’t even tell you how happy that email made me. So by next year I will be able to say I’m a published crochet designer. I’m so excited for other people to make my design because it’s a straightforward pattern both experienced and beginner crocheters will enjoy; one which results in an effortlessly cozy yet stylish look. Experienced crocheters will be able to make it in no time and beginners who know the foundational stitches will enjoy putting their basic skills into practice and building on their knowledge. 

All this to say, whether it’s luck, fate, or coincidence, I’m so happy I reached out that day and tried something new. I accomplished a goal and I can tell my kids are excited about it, too. If there is something you’ve been thinking about, this is your sign to designate a little time in your day towards that goal. You never know when it’s YOUR time.

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