How to Cheer on Your Team: Make Your Own Spiritwear

By Nicki Byrnes

January 26, 2023

My Bengals-Inspired Hat Design

My local team, the Cincinnati Bengals, went to the Super Bowl last year. The city was abuzz with excitement and swathed in orange and black. I didn’t have Bengals spiritwear, so I decided to create an elevated hat design that didn’t look anything like the mass-produced gear sold in stores or at the little stands at the corner of every gas station.

Unlike all of the generic merchandise available, I created a hat with striking features like bold stripes and an oversized pompom. The line of scrimmage in football might be an imaginary line, but the lines or stripes on this hat are anything but invisible. In fact, they are its most prominent feature. Dramatic and distinct with a sporty-meets-stylish vibe, they’re reminiscent of the elastic bands on a vintage letterman’s jacket. Cute, right?

Image Source: Pinterest

Where the stripes end is where the pompom begins, which is intentionally oversized, eye-catching, and full of fun. With soft, chunky yarn, it’s the ideal hat to wear when you’re attending a chilly football game, tailgating outside in the parking lot, and just for everyday wear.

Hi, it’s me

Not a Bengals fan? The colors of this hat are completely customizable. In fact, I’m making one for my cousin in Cleveland by swapping out the black in the pompom for brown. It can be made in any color combination, be it your favorite team’s colors or just your personal preference. What better way to cheer on your team than to look cute doing it?

I sell a limited quantity of finished Bengals hats on my Etsy page here and the pattern is on Ravelry here if you’d like to make your own. It’s a fun make if you have a foundational knowledge of crochet. Share your creation on Instagram by tagging @nickibyrnescrochet and let me know if you have any questions here. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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