How to Show Someone You Care on Valentine’s Day

Nicki Byrnes

February 2, 2023

There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses, a big box of chocolates, an oversized teddy bear, and a handwritten love note all sound great, but that’s not really what the day is about. When you cut through all the noise, February 14th is just a day to take a moment and tell someone you’re grateful they’re in your life. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, young or old, near family or living far away, we all have someone we should acknowledge our love, friendship, or compassion for. It may be a partner, sibling, teacher, neighbor, co-worker, or mailman.

So how do you show someone what they mean to you without a big grand gesture? There are plenty of ways that don’t cost much – a Valentine’s Day card sent in the mail with a quick handwritten note, a small task like bringing in an elderly neighbor’s garbage cans, a little box of chocolates left on a friend’s porch, or just a quick text saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️.” Research calls these “random acts of kindness” and they are proven to cause the giver and recipient to release serotonin, or the happiness hormone. At a minimum, just smiling has been proven to boost the mood of you and those who see you.

Another way to spread happiness on Valentine’s Day is a homemade gift. Not a crafter? How about baking cute cookies like any of these and putting a few in themed bags? Write “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a permanent marker on the outside, include your name, drop 3 cookies in a bag, and seal them up. Leave them on the porch, at the door, or in the mailbox of a few people who mean something to you.

If you are a crafter, Pinterest will give a million suggestions that range from easy to complex. This stapled paper heart wreath left on the door handle of a neighbor would be sure to elicit a smile. If you’re a crocheter, there are some seriously cute Valentine’s Day patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, and Pinterest. I made this hat Valentine’s Day because it’s one of my favorite things to make, and adding pink and red instantly made it festive. It also makes a great teacher gift. It’s a fun and easy make that doesn’t cost much, yet leaves a big impact on the receiver. One skein of yarn will make two hats, and if you have scrap worsted weight yarn, you don’t have to buy any yarn for the pompom and heart. Not a crocheter but love the look? I have a few listed for sale on Etsy here.

You don’t have to be grand or mushy to show the people in your life you care; small acts of kindness go a long way. What are some of your favorite ways you show others you care?

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